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Club Profile
Strive Cycling is a small cycling club located in the beautiful east county mountains of San Diego.  Our club members have a healthy passion and respect for all disciplines of cycling, including a special zeal for attacking long hard climbs. The majority of our rides ascend the spectacular duo of Mt. Laguna and Mt. Cuyamaca via Pine Creek, Kitchen Creek, Sunrise South, Sunrise North, HWY 79, and Engineers Rd.  The club balances admiring God’s beautiful creation in slower-paced fellowship rides with striving for cycling excellence and improved physical conditioning through extremely difficult training rides.  The club also has a USA Cycling Jr. Road Racing Team, Strive Racing, that enters over 20 races per year in road, criterium and time trial.

Racing Team Profile
Strive Racing is a USA Cycling Jr. Road Racing Team that was established in 2011.  Strive Racing had an outstanding first year, totaling up 25 wins and 71 podiums in the seven month season.  2012 was even better with 33 wins and 127 podiums.  2013 was even better with 44 wins and 147 podiums, 6 State Championships and 1 National Championship.  Listed below is what makes the Strive Racing team unique.  The following principles define who we are and what we believe.

To use cycling and all its facets to challenge, inspire and empower each person to strive to the best of their ability both in physical effort and in character growth.  Our fundamental purpose is to teach the youth that a good work ethic combined with responsible decisions will not only help them to succeed on the bike, but will prepare them for the tough challenges that life will bring, enabling them to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

To have successfully equipped a number of youth to be responsible adults who make a difference in the lives of others through the demonstration of integrity, a good work ethic, and honorable character traits.

Strive Racing believes in honesty, integrity, accountability, passion, respect, good sportsmanship, honorable character, determination, perseverance, giving, serving, and helping others.

1.  Maintain life balance, keeping cycling where it belongs in the hierarchy.
2.  Maintain the highest level of integrity and good sportsmanship.
3.  Strive to the best of our ability in all that we do.
4.  Have fun.
5.  Win.

Giving Back
Strive Racing believes in teaching the values of giving, serving, and blessing others.  In an effort to instill these values, the team participates in a number of community service related activities.  Below are just a few of these activities. 

Walk for Water
The Walk for Water is a 3 mile fundraising walk that raises money for drilling fresh water wells in India, where obtaining fresh drinking water is a huge problem.  The team gathers sponsors and then participates in the walk.  This year the event raised enough money to drill two new wells.  Each well will provide fresh drinking water for hundreds of people in rural villages.

The Meals Ministry
The Meals Ministry is an on-going service where meals are cooked and delivered to those in our local community who are in need.  Typically, these are families or individuals who are suffering from severe illness, have just had surgery, or have just experienced a tragedy.  Bringing someone who is down a home-cooked meal, along with a warm smile and an open ear, can bring great joy.  While the team has blessed many with this service, they are the ones who usually end up feeling blessed.

Harvest in the Park
Harvest in the Park is a local fair that provides a safe, fun environment for young children to come and play on Halloween.  There are game booths, bounce houses, music, skits, and tons of food.  Over a thousand people come each year to this free community event.  The team serves wherever they are needed at the event, pouring into our local youth.

Dare To Be Project
Finally, the team serves with their Team Advisor and role model, World Champion cyclist Amber Neben, in the Dare To Be Project which delivers a bike and a helmet with a special message of overcoming adversity to homeless kids for Christmas, a birthday, or a special project. Through the unconditional gift of a new bike we connect and inspire each kid to DARE TO BE a doctor, a teacher, the President . . .whoever it is they dream to be!