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Competitive Junior Cycling is an endeavor worthy of support.  The Strive Racing team is currently seeking sponsors, as bike racing is a very expensive sport.  One time donations are gladly accepted via PayPal here. Please make checks payable to Strive Cycling and mail them to P.O. Box 2295, Alpine, CA 91903.  Strive Cycling sponsors are listed on this website, on our team jerseys and T-shirts, and in our racing videos.  This is a list of our current sponsors:


Shimano American Corporation has been manufacturing quality components for the cycling industry since 1961.  However, Shimano’s participation in cycling extends much further than just making incredible products.  Shimano gives back to the cycling community via advocacy programs, offering technical support at races, executing environmentally conscious programs, and supporting the local cycling community.  Given that Shimano only sponsors professional cycling teams, Strive Racing has really appreciated Shimano's assistance to help make their products more affordable for our Juniors.  We are very thankful for their support.


For 27 years, Steve Hed spent his energy developing the best cycling equipment available.  Unfortunately, Steve passed away in 2014, but his legacy lives on.  When it comes to wheels, HED is known for building the world's most aerodynamic wheels, a title that all wheel companies wish they could claim.  However, most people do not realize that HED goes a lot further than just aerodynamics to bring you the fastest wheels on earth. Other important factors such as tire performance, stability in crosswinds, lateral stiffness, drivetrain efficiency, durability, comfort, quality control, carbon fiber manipulation, and weight are also carefully considered. Strive Racing is honored to have HED as our team's official wheel sponsor.


The Strive Racing Team is proud to have the Dare To Be Project as a team sponsor.  The Dare To Be Project is a non-profit organization led by Strive Racing’s Team Advisor and role model, World Champion cyclist Amber Neben.  This organization delivers a bike and a helmet along with a special message of overcoming adversity to homeless kids for Christmas, a birthday, or a special project. Through the unconditional gift of a new bike the Dare To Be Project connects with and inspires kids to dare to be a doctor, a teacher, a professional cyclist, or even the President . . . whoever it is they dream to be! Amber has been instrumental in developing our team.  Her support with gear, racing knowledge, and character development has been priceless.


In 2002, Nick Holslag and his partner founded Halo Headbands after years of competing in numerous athletic events, including cycling races.  Frustrated with the problem of salty sweat dripping into and stinging their eyes, they developed a revolutionary new product, the Halo headband.  Their patented SweatBlock seal and Dryline fabric channels sweat back and away from the eyes, keeping them perfectly dry.  The company now has a full line of products for all kinds of different sporting applications.  I personally love their products and never ride without my Halo headband.


Dori Cage, MD is an Orthopedic Surgeon caring for athletes of all ages who have injuries to the upper extremity. She works closely with the athletes to maximize their ability to return to cycling and other sports.  The Strive Racing team has broken 8 bones and brought all of them to Dr. Cage.  From setting bones back in place, to major surgery, Dr. Cage has done it all for our team, including a plate and 9 screws for Hannah that enabled her to compete at the World Championships in Ponferrada, Spain.  Dr. Cage is an amazing surgeon, an even better person, and the perfect Doctor to see after your next bad crash.  She can be reached here.


Hammer Nutrition is a producer and distributor of endurance fuels and essential health supplements that was founded in 1987.  The company has more than 100 products designed to optimize health and performance for the serious athlete.  With an emphasis on natural and organic ingredients and a comprehensive medical research and development department, Hammer Nutrition has earned an outstanding reputation in the Cycling Industry.  The Strive Racing team fuels with Hammer products on every ride and is proud to have this well respected company as an official team sponsor.


For almost 40 years, Bill Holland Cycles, Inc. has been designing and building custom bikes and now specializes in advanced exo-grid and iso-grid technology bikes that combine all the great qualities of carbon fiber with the strength and durability of titanium.  Holland designs and builds bikes that perfectly fit each rider's unique geometry.  He has built bikes for 7' 0" basketball legend Bill Walton (70 cm) and for 4' 5" Moriah Swan (42 cm).  All of Holland's wheels are custom built by Charles Wells, one of the nation's top wheel builders, who has been designing and building custom light weight wheels for over 20 years.


The Women’s Cycling Association is a membership organization of women cyclists and supporters committed to developing and advancing the state of women’s cycling in the United States. The WCA seeks to unify and represent women cyclists and advocate on their behalf to sporting governing bodies, race organizers, and team management.  The WCA is reviewing existing policies, advocating for change, and lobbying for equal rights for women cyclists.  Some of their goals for women cyclists include more professional races, more media coverage, more earnings, and more equality.  Strive Racing is proud to have this organization supporting the team.


AdventureCORPS, Inc. is an athlete-run firm producing and promoting ultra-endurance and extreme sports events, lifestyle, and media. Adventure is their way of life. AdventureCORPS’ world-class events for athlete-adventurers include epic races such as the Badwater Ultramarathon and Furnace Creek 508, plus several endurance cycling events in Death Valley, on and around Mt. Laguna, Mt. Tamalpais, and beyond. AdventureCORPS helped Moriah become the youngest female rider in the world to complete a double century.  She did so at age 12.  Watch the video here.


G3 Tapes, Inc. is a manufacturer, converter and distributor of adhesive tapes and various supply products that was founded in 2003. Their mission is to save companies money by providing them with competitively-priced high quality products, exceptional dependability and outstanding customer service.  G3’s products originate from 65 different manufacturers, including 3M, Nashua, Intertape, Shurtape, Polyken, Saint-Gobain, and many others. G3 sells over 50,000 products, including every type of adhesive tape imaginable, a full line of protective films, papers, plastics, abrasives, and custom-built adhesives products. G3 specializes in offering custom value-added solutions that are designed and built to solve specific industry challenges.