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The 2012 Pine Creek Challenge went as good as it could have possibly gone. The weather was perfect for climbing 10,000 feet and tackling the 22% grades of Pine Creek. We had a low of 65 degrees and a high of 85 degrees. We also had a nice cloud cover for most of the day.

There were 15 riders that took part in the event, if you include Luke Swan, who amazingly did the Engineers Rd. climb at age 7 on a 20 pound bike. Luke’s ride covered 7 miles and 1,400 feet of climbing, including the sustained 13% finish at the top. It took him just under an hour. His little legs were so spent after he topped out that he could not even un-clip. Fortunately, Deb Kirby was there to catch him.

Nine of the riders finished the entire 101 miles and climbed all 10,000 feet, including two USD crew coaches, Brooks and Kim (great job!). Two more finished over 90 miles of the ride and climbed 9,000 feet. The lead group averaged 14.8 MPH for the day, which is not bad given 10,000 feet of climbing and the fact that 11 year old Sarah set the pace up the Kitchen Creek climb.

We had incredible SAG support from Dawn Swan, Deb Kirby, and Sara Oien which made the ride so much more enjoyable. Thank you Ladies! Look for “Chronicles of the Sagging Mom” to hit the bookshelves soon.